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    Is it necessary to use 3 separate water purification systems?


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    Although water comes out of your faucet clear it is really quite dirty. Water is dirty on a microscopic level that translates into major problems for water infrastructure and our biological health. We are NOT advocating any negative judgements against municipalities. Municipalities do an incredible job at proving water to hundreds of millions of people every day and to expect clearly clean municipality provided water to come out of our faucets is unrealistic.

    We feel; it is the social responsibility of companies to ensure Clearly Clean Water is provided to consumers as an end ingredient when selling an ingestible related product that uses water. Example: restaurants, coffee shops, beverages, cruise ships, all food related products.

    Using filtered water is not classified as Clearly Clean Water because it’s missing the 2 other critical components to ensure water is actually clean: hard water descaler and UV disinfection.

    A 3 system approach is necessary to generate Clearly Clean Water™ is a public resource tool to research companies and products who are classified as Clearly Clean Water providers. If a company or product has received certification and the right to display and market the Clearly Clean Water Symbol it means they have provided adequate proof of using the 3 system approach to cleaning their water.

    effect hard water scale

    Hard Water Scale

    Part of producing clean water is to remove mineral scale in your water pipes and equipment because of the direct negative health association to ingesting active pathogens.

    Hard water minerals (Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates) are essential and healthy minerals found in all municipal water and across the world in varying degrees. These minerals are picked up by water as it moves through the environment and eventually to municipalities where water is treated and then passed on to business and our homes.

    These minerals are healthy for people and animals, however scaling causes damage to water infrastructure and ultimately results in illness. Hard water scale has to be removed from water pipes and equipment because water-borne pathogens (bacteria, mold, micro-organisms) settle into mineral scale and breed causing illness in varying degrees. Research news articles supporting unclean water related illnesses...

    effect water filter

    Water Filtration

    Contaminants in the environment and the chemicals used at municipalities to ‘clean’ local water and kill pathogens make their way to our homes, companies, local coffee shops, restaurants, etc; we are all affected.

    Researching water filtration and purification systems can quickly become incredibly frustrating and confusing since there is such as wide variety and conflicting opinions on what is marketed as expert opinion. We do not advocate systems that use salt due to the negative environmental effects of salt discharges and the health implications of injesting sodium. In fact more and more state legislation is being passed to ban the use of salt in water softeners and purification systems.

    To receive a Clearly Clean Water Classification a water filtration/ purification system is critical and has to be commercial graded to remove a wide variety of containment. Example: heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallic compounds, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds.

    effect uv disinfection

    Ultraviolet Disinfection

    UV Disinfection is an inexpensive, powerful and guaranteed solution to protecting yourself and customers from the harmful effects of pathogens in water. Take a look at your local municipality water report and there is a line item commenting on the ‘acceptable’ pathogen levels leaving municipal treatment facilities.

    Even if water was graded as 100% pure and clean leaving a municipal treatment facility; by the time it reaches your home, or the coffee you purchase from your favorite coffee shop it would still be very dirty due to existing infrastructure; scaling in water pipes and the extreme impurity content in hundreds of miles of pipelines. Every day there are hundreds of water main breaks in the US.

    Chloramine (Chlorine and Ammonia mixture) is widely used at municipalities to control pathogens however it does not kill all traces; especially Giardia and Cryptosporidium. If you do not filter Chloramine chemical from your water you are directly consuming it.

    UV Disinfection has to be the last purification system in place before extracting water from a faucet and used to prepare beverages, food items or anytime water is consumed or used in preparing food items to be considered Clearly Clean Water.

    "3 separate systems addressing each source of impurity is necessary to clean water correctly."

    example clearly clean water certification

    vulcan hard water descaler

    Hard Water Descaler

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    • Stops hard water minerals from depositing rust and water scale in whatever your water supply touches
    • Gently sanitizes water pipes and equipment by breaking rust, scale and limestone deposits down on a molecular level
    • Protects whatever your water touches from corrosion and perforation damage caused by hard water
    cuzn water filter

    Water Filtration

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    • Filters out chemicals, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other contaminants
    • Saves you money- do it yourself installation, no back-washing, reduce and eliminate maintenance costs
    • Helps the environment by eliminating waste water back-washing and mimics nature’s filtration process so virtually all of the filtration mediums will biodegrade in about 3 years and are recyclable

    viqua uv disinfection

    UV Disinfection

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    • Inactivates pathogens in your water supply rendering them incapable of causing illness
    • Protects your water against microorganisms; particularly the dangerous chlorine-resistant protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia
    • Provides peace-of-mind knowing your water is truly clean before you allow a client/ customer to consume your water

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    WHAT is this site all about?

    The objective of this site is to provide you with a research tool on the companies and products who use Clearly Clean Water™. From that point you can decide if you need to change the companies you support and the products you consume.

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